Well actually the Trollís place lies beneath Buoy 6, the nearest and most visited of the Clubís permanent marks. For some time now it has been mischievously capsizing passing craft by catching their dagger boards or tipping up their rudders. What it does with the hapless sailors does not bear thinking about.  Trolls are hungry beasts, even in times of plenty...but Iíll let her take up the story.

 I get Ďem all, you know.  The rich, the famous, the good sailors and the not so good, they all come past my buoy and eventually, they have to pay their dues.

You know the story of the Troll under the bridge, donít you? The one with that silly song ďIím a Troll, foll de rollĒ.  Well, thatís rubbish. Apart from the bit about eating you up for supper.  Thatís true enough. Trolls have to eat like anybody else and for some reason, people who donít pay their dues taste better than those who do.

Now Iím not saying that you have to be frightened of getting round my buoy.  As long as you do it in a seamanlike manner, donít bump into it and on no account shout and swear at it, all will be well. But if you try some sneaky trick, Iíll get you. ..

THE TROLL in action

Even the Sailing Sec has his moments, and can be a guest of the Troll as s/he gets her dues - as you can see below...

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