Most of us sail Lasers of one sort or another. They are small enough to “fit” into the Harbour for an hour before 1st high water to an hour after 2nd high water (usually 4 to 5 hours of sailing time per day) and are fast and reward lots of practice!  Lasers come with Full Rigs (7.1 sq m), Radial Rigs (5.7 sq m) and 4.7 sq m Rigs.  This allows the old and young, the light and heavy, the fit and the not-so-fit to exploit their ability to the maximum. For more information about Lasers, go to

But this is by no means all the story. There are a number of dinghy types that race, and we have two Fleets, the 3-Lap Fleet, with boats of PN 1180 and faster, and the 2-Lap Fleet: all the other boats.  Crewed boats can choose which Fleet to sail in, and novice 3-Lappers may sail with the 2-Lap Fleet. The various PNs are listed here

Last year the following dinghy types were sailed by Club members:

    Laser Full Rig - 24, including one Club boat with all 3 sail sizes; available to any Club member
    Laser Radial - 16
    Laser 4.7 - at least 5
    Byte - 1; a smaller version of the Laser with a new mylar sail
    Norfolk Urchin - 1; a VERY traditional dinghy
    Hobie 405 - 1; an assymetric dinghy for youths (or really light experts)
    Miracle - 1; a traditional all-wood family cruiser and racer
    Laser 2000 - 2 a larger assymetric for family sailing
    Enterprise - 2; a traditional family racing or cruising dinghy
    Topper - 2 Club boats; the unbreakable juniors and youths single-hander
    Optimist - a variable number.
    Solo - 3 at the latest count. A single-handed racing boat with fully battened mainsail.
    420 - 2

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