Racing with Mudeford can be as relaxed or as serious as you wish to make it. Some sailors do indeed take racing seriously, but there is a much larger group who come down to have a good time at a sport they enjoy in excellent company.  Most of what you need to know about the race scene is contained in these pages, but please let the webmaster know if something is missing.

The Calendar for 2013 is here and Sailing Instructions for 2012/2013 are on the next page: this includes everything you need to know about sail changes, discards, changing boats and crew etc etc.

The Club PN list is here.

The Club system for arbitrating protests is here.

The Division list (Div 1 and Div 2) is here

It is no longer necessary to place an OOB area for all racing. If the Race Officer feels it necessary for boats to avoid the moored boat area next to the Club, he will arrange for a buoy or buoys to be placed warning sailors to keep clear.

Mudeford Week has been completely re-thought and although it stays within the familiar Saturday - Friday format, starts with late afternoon racing because of the tide times and heights next August.

William Lack and Jerome Quirk will again be running training sessions on the dates shown. These are for all sailors, not just Juniors.

The Evening Series is now an Open Inter-Club Series, but will follow exactly the same format as previous years.

The Sea Series (run by Highcliffe SC) takes place on Saturdays when there is no Club racing. There will be enough tide to easily sail down to the sea, but getting back may be a bit more tricky.

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