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Dinghy sailing and racing in Christchurch Harbour

A unique friendly club that brings together sociable and competitive sailing in a safe harbour location

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Racing with Mudeford can be as relaxed or as serious as you wish to make it.  Some sailors do indeed take racing seriously, but there is a much larger group who come down to have a good time at a sport they enjoy in excellent company.  Most of what you need to know about the race scene is contained in these pages, but please let the webmaster know if something is missing.

Scroll down below the picture (one of the Inter Club races, just after the start) for an overview of Club racing.

The Calendar for 20121 is here and Sailing Instructions are on the next page: this includes everything you need to know about sail changes, discards, changing boats and crew etc etc.

The Club PN list is here

The Club system for arbitrating protests is here.

A map of the Club racing marks is here

If the Race Officer feels it necessary for boats to avoid the moored boat area next to the Club, he will arrange for a buoy or buoys to be placed warning sailors to keep clear.




All races will be sailed under the current IYRU Racing Rules, appropriate Class rules and MSC Sailing Instructions.  All sailors are to insure their craft for a minimum of 2m to cover third party risks.

In every case the start time given is for the first race, but it is up to race officers to start subsequent races when they see fit.  ROs may vary race times and lengths according to the conditions on the day.  The important thing is to give the best possible racing to the sailors. 

Club Series Races will be run in “3-Lap” and “2-Lap” Handicap classes, nominally dividing at PY 1180 (although any sailor may elect to sail in the 2-Lap Fleet to gain racing experience or to enjoy less demanding sailing).  Actual numbers of laps sailed may be changed to reflect conditions on the day.

The Club Championships will be derived from results in the Spring, Summer and the Autumn/October Series. 

Junior racing may take place in conjunction with Series races either on the same course or a separate smaller course. 


Points are awarded using the low point system.  DNF or RET, race entries + 1, DNS or DSQ, race entries + 2, DNE, Series entries + 1.  Sailors doing OOD, safety or galley duties during a Series are awarded average points from a minimum of 4 of their races per duty during the Series. At the end of each Series, a sailor’s overall position in his class is determined by the total number of points accumulated,  less discards shown below.   

The Harbour Inter Club is a 3–Series  competition between Clubs which race in the Harbour: ourselves, Highcliffe, Hengistbury Head and Christchurch Sailing Clubs.  It is run on a general handicap basis.  The Sea Inter Club is a competition on the lines of the Harbour Inter Club, but held in Christchurch Bay and is open to all Club members.  The Evening Series is a series of races held on evenings between May and September, to coincide with high tide.  The Saga Series is a midweek racing Series and is open to all Club members, but the “Saga Sticks” are awarded only to those of 50 years of age and older. Finally, the “Early Bird” Series starts early on Sunday mornings before most sensible sailors have had breakfast.

Mudeford Week is the highlight of the Club’s year, with a combination of types of racing, evening social events and a prize-giving buffet on the Friday.  There are two Series, the Weekend and the Week, with prizes for 3-lap and 2-lap fleets.  The Anchor and the Rodway/Snelling Trophies are general handicap races, there is a Ladies race, a Parent/Offspring race (offspring to helm) and the week ends with a Pursuit race, where boats start at times depending on their performance during the week. 


There will be one discard per  six races in a Series, and the one additional discard for every two races sailed. If a Series has four or five races, there will be one discard.


Average points based on their best four races (whether scoring or not) will be awarded to sailors who complete a duty during a Series.


All members should check the rota of Race Officer and Safety duties published in this calendar and posted on the notice board and ensure that they, or a substitute, perform the duty.  They are responsible for arranging replacements or an assistant if necessary.

The safety boat is to be manned and operated in accordance with the MSC Safety Boat Handbook, but will not normally be provided for the Saga, Evening, Early Bird or ad hoc sailing.  The Race Committee and/or the OOD have the right to postpone, cancel or abandon racing if circumstances warrant it. In potentially hazardous conditions the OOD must consult a Flag Officer or the Sailing Secretary before Juniors (i.e. those under 18 years old and not acting as crew for an adult) are allowed to race.

VOLUNTEERS......are welcome!

Peter Reid, Sailing Secretary, 2021

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