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Dinghy sailing and racing in Christchurch Harbour

A unique friendly club that brings together sociable and competitive sailing in a safe harbour location

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The club has 3 new Hartley dinghies which together with our Laser, Pico, RS Tera and Topper are available for members to hire (Ts&Cs apply!).

Here’s a provisional guide for using the club boats.

The only way of booking and paying in advance for dinghy hire is via the WebCollect online booking page here. You can hire and pay on the day through the Hire Book and the Galley staff in Vrouwe Johanna

Please get approval from a committee member before using one of the Hartleys.

Hire guide for club dinghies

The club has five boats available for club members to use: 3 Hartleys, a Laser and a Topper. Members can book them as often as they like; there is no limit to the number of bookings . The hire fees are very reasonable and are intended to cover overheads and maintenance. Buoyancy aids and spray tops can also be hired.

The club boats and sails are to be treated with care and respect, and left clean and tidy after use.

This is the basic hire procedure:

1. Book in advance via the club website (or manually in Vrouwe Johanna on the same day)

2. Collect the sails and rudder from the shelf inside VJ on the starboard side.

3. Sign and fill in the logbook located inside VJ on the port side.

4. After use, leave the boat clean and tidy. Wash the Hartleys with fresh water. (there’s a hose inside Strides’ gate on the left.)

5. Return the sails and rudder.

6. Complete the logbook.



1. Prices per day: Topper 6; RS Tera 7.50  Laser 12;  Hartley  15. All boats half price for evening races. Mudeford week +20% hire fees. Cost of any or all additional clothing or equipment (spray top, buoyancy aid, helmet) is 3.

2. Hartleys can only be hired by club members on the approved list. Apply to the administrator, Tim Calvert (, to be an approved helm.

3. Multiple bookings are allowed. eg: for all races in the Spring series. Payment is to be in advance for the whole series. Days can be cancelled, but refunded only if someone else takes up the booking


4. Buoyancy aids are to be worn at all times while afloat. Juniors and novices are advised to wear helmets.

5. It is your responsibility to check the weather forecast and tide times, and to ensure that you and your crew are properly prepared and competent to face the conditions expected.

6. The safety of the boat and crew shall be the responsibility of the hirer. Mudeford Sailing Club shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, personal injury or death, however caused.

7. The hirer must familiarise themselves with the collision regulations. In particular: Port tack gives way to starboard tack; overtaking boat gives way; sailing dinghies give way to vessels that are limited in their ability to manoeuvre or constrained by draught, particularly ferries and other large vessels in the marked channels.

Sailing area

8. Boats are to be sailed inside the Harbour only.

9. There are strong currents and deep water in the Harbour entrance channel (the ‘Run’). This area is particularly hazardous when the tide is ebbing. You must keep well clear of this area.

10. The Blackberry Point and Stanpit Bight nature reserve is a prohibited area (an SSSI) marked with yellow buoys, to the SW of the Club. Access or landing is not permitted except in an emergency.

Responsibilities of hirer

11. The hirer is responsible for taking care of the boat and for 50 insurance excess in the event of damage; parents must sign for under 18’s.

12. Hirer to sign log book in VJ noting any damage, breakages, or missing items and reporting these immediately to the Bosun, William Lack (

13. A condition of use is that the boats are returned in good order and the Hartleys are washed with fresh water after use.

14. The sails are to be left neatly stored as follows:
Topper: Fold sail and leave in sailbag in boat.
Laser: Full sail leave rolled in boat; Radial sail rolled in VJ; 4.7 sail folded in VJ.
Hartleys: Leave mainsail rolled in VJ; jib rolled in VJ; spinnaker bagged in VJ


There are 2 booking methods: one for advance booking, and one for same-day booking:

1. Advance booking: use the on-line booking system on the club website. This is the only method for booking in advance. Same-day booking is not allowed using this system. Payment is on-line, at the time of booking, via Paypal or bank transfer, and is all part of the on-line booking system. An email confirmation must be brought down to the club, either paper or electronic.

Multiple bookings are allowed. eg: for all races in the Spring series. Payment in advance for the whole series. Days can be cancelled, but refunded only if someone else takes up the booking.

2. Same-day booking: book manually via the logbook in the clubhouse, first-come first-served. This is the only method for same-day booking. Advance bookings are not allowed using this system. Payment by cash in an envelope with galley takings, or bank transfer, or Paypal via web booking system.

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